Summer Squash - Yellow

Smooth Wonder 

Smooth Wonder is a 45 day yellow straight neck summer squash with very strong yield potential.  Plants are near spineless allowing for easy pick, and much less scaring of fruit.  Smooth Wonder performs best in sandier well drained soils, and has a strong tolerance to Powdery Mildew and Downey Mildew.

Smooth Wonder.jpg

Smooth Summer 

A 42 day yellow spineless summer squash with an upright growth habit.  Plants are highly productive ad offer earlier season male production allowing for earlier set.  Smooth Summer is PM Tolerant, and performs very well in early season plantings.

Smooth Summer.jpg

Smooth Criminal 

Hold on to your heart, because this Smooth Criminal hybrid summer squash will steal it!  Plant are gentle on the arms, and fruit with near spinelessness with upright growth habit.   Fruit are 6 inches long, with good neck girth and uniformity.  Smooth Criminal has also done very well in multiple years of pick trials.   

Smooth Criminal 1 copy


Supersonic Is a yellow straight neck summer squash with

extremely high yields, continuous setting ability, and

good packing fruit size 5-6”. Fruit have less tendency

for greening due to the precocious gene, making it a

very widely adapted early hybrid.

 40 days

 Bush Habit

This is a standard spined variety.

Slice summer
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